How To: Do a basic salsa dance step

Do a basic salsa dance step

If you ever wanted to learn salsa, this video is a good first step. In this brief, kid-friendly lesson, the instructor in the video shows you a couple of very basic steps. The first step is a front-to-back step. This involves bringing your left foot forward and then together, and then taking your right foot backward and then together. To add some style to this very basic step, the instructor shows you how to move your hips in a circular motion while you make these steps. The other basic step that the instructor demonstrates is the side-to-side step. It simply involves bringing your left foot outward to the side and then bringing it together. The same is done with the right foot afterward. Once again, in this step the circular hip motion is incorporated to add some spice to your movements. By practicing these basic dance steps, you can get a head start in learning how to dance salsa.

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